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ClassCare offers you an additional second year of manufacturer’s warranty covering mechanical and electrical breakdown, as well as accidental damage for your LearnPad classroom sets.

As well as the additional cover that is provided to your LearnPad devices, ClassCare is the only extended warranty with the following benefits:

  • ClassCare is the manufacturer's own warranty. LearnPad are the experts in repairing LearnPad equipment – we made it.
  • We are able to give you best turnaround time
  • We want to get your equipment back in your classroom without delay
  • No complicated claim process or portal
  • Talk to our experts, who can help with all aspects of your equipment
  • We understand your teaching needs
  • We understand how important these valuable teaching resources are, and its important that you are covered for those classroom mishaps
ClassCare has been specifically created to meet the needs of schools and their stakeholders. With a low excess, starting from just £19, and no limit on the amount of claims you can make, your investment is protected from the inconvenience of unexpected repairs and expenses.

Unlike other companies, you can be certain that any repair will be completed by our friendly and professional manufacturer's own technical team here at Avantis, who will personally keep you up-to-date on the progress of your repair or replacement.
ClassCare pricing depends on the type of device or classroom set you are looking to protect. The table below shows which areas are covered by the various options. Please call us on 0845 862 0390 to discuss your individual requirements and receive a tailored package.

  Octavo Quarto Decimo Keyboard Tectus Case & Cover ClassCare
Standard Octavo Classroom Set - - - £299
Premium Octavo Classroom Set - £449
Standard Quarto Classroom Set - - - £369
Premium Quarto Classroom Set - £499

Pack of 8 Decimo £149
Folio £60

For accidental damage incidents; an excess which will be charged prior to repair commencement. This will also include shipping of your equipment back to you.

Equipment Excess Cost
Tablets (Octavo & Quarto) £29.99
Decimo & Keyboards £19.99
Folio £39.99
Cases & Covers £9.99

If your school would like to set up ClassCare, it's quick and simple to do:

  1. Call us on 0845 862 3390 – a member of the ClassCare team will be able to offer personalised advice on protecting your purchase.
  2. Discuss your requirements and recieve a free no obligation quote for ClassCare.
  3. Any future repairs to your devices will be handled entirely by us, giving your school complete peace of mind.
Most standard school insurance policies do not provide cover for accidental damage. This means that without ClassCare, you will not be protected for any knocks, drops or spills to your device.

Because we want you to get maximum use out of your LearnPads and use them with pupils of all ages and in all subjects, we give you complete peace of mind that you are fully covered for any accidents that may happen. So be imaginative and get creative with your LearnPads – there is no excuse not to!

ClassCare covers your devices for the following:

  • Any electro-mechanical failure
  • Accidental damage, including broken screens
  • Spills or water damage
  • Flood and fire damage

If you have a damaged device and are not sure if it would be covered under your ClassCare warranty, contact us today for further assistance.

Not only does ClassCare offer teachers complete peace of mind that their devices will be protected in the busy classroom environment, but part of the ClassCare package is to provide customer care and support for busy teachers too!

Our dedicated team of Educational Specialists are available to give advice on how to get the most out of your devices in the classroom, with exciting teaching ideas to use across the curriculum.
At Avantis, we understand the demands and potential risks to a device in a typical school day.

Whether you have a broken screen as a result of the LearnPad being dropped on the playground or water damage from a spillage in an art lesson, just give us a call to book a repair. Once you have sent the device back to us*, there is an excess charge to pay^ and we will carry-out the repair and get your device back to you quickly – and if we can’t repair it, we will replace it for you.
ClassCare covers your devices on your school property. If the devices are taken home or offsite it is at your own risk.